For me it was how you guided and simplified this WOE (way of eating). I knew my macros but didn’t understand the supplements and the why behind them. The support from the rest of the group was also helpful and encouraging. We knew we weren’t alone in the process. Also the support from you two has been amazing. We can ask the dumbest of dumb questions without fear of getting our heads bitten off. Doing the kickstart was the best decision I could have made for myself. Thank you again! 

-Tanisha L.


The best part was the videos and your super organized posts where comments are only posted under certain categories. I felt like you guys were next to me guiding me the whole way. I honestly couldn't have got the hang of this w/o you guys. Most importantly no matter how many questions I ask or messages I sent, you never make me feel like I'm bothering you or annoying you and for that I would pay a million times. So worth it!

-Stephanie M.


A better sense of self. While I am getting back on track right now I’m not overwhelmed. You guys set us up with the tools and the knowledge we need. I know exactly what my macros are and what I need to do for electrolytes - and it’s easy for me to get right back into it!

-Jenne R.


I ❤️this group! Without the guidance, video tutorials and support I would not have succeeded. I have lost 22lbs and more to go but in a relatively short amount of time. Knowing what I know now I would pay double for Kickstarting Keto!!!! You two are awesome, patient, and oh so helpful!

-Michelle F.


You guys provide a clear understanding of what this Keto way is about. I am a visual person and interpretation of what people mean, say and understand can be very different for each individual. I find that it is easier for me to really be a student with a more personal level of a "classroom" setting per se - I love the hand holding and guidance and the tough love. The outline of the way you set this up works. I am a straight up person and I appreciate a straight up relationship. This way of eating proves that any individual can lose the weight they want and get healthier. 

-Marshell G.


It was the very fact that I read so many books & things on the internet about the Keto diet before actually starting Keto, that by the time I started I was so confused what was the right way to do it. The knowledge I got from the Kickstarting Keto group was so simple to follow, and to see both of your results by following this WOE (way of eating), made me believe that I could do this if I just followed what you told me to do. I loved all the videos and I now understand clearly why this WOE works. It was worth every cent.

-Mary T.


You guys provide guidance, support, and a stepping stone to get started. But when I pay for something like this I’m motivated to get my monies worth most of the time. I have no issue spending money on myself period because I work hard and I’m worth it. Both of you are super personable. In addition I think the success you had adds credibility.
Keto was overwhelming to me at first. You all take the overwhelming part out of the equation. Just get your food and electrolytes and you are good to go. 

Rasheda C.


Kickstarting Keto is the difference between going to the gym alone and working out or having a personal trainer pushing you to be your best.

-Joanna M.


I appreciate the accountability and structure. I didn't know what to expect that first week but finding out I had another week to 'learn' and not jump feet first in was a weight off. By the middle of that week I was ready to start, by the end I was itching to start and make it work.

-Tanya C.


I’m not going to lie. I thought I wasted money with this program. I started the program & lost my grandmother not long after so I didn’t get to the eating phase. I was intent on trying the first week was commenting a lot & watching the videos & then life happened & I thought man I just wasted my money BUT then I pulled my head out of my bum and guess what???? Aimee & Melissa were STILL there! I was able to go back and rewatch videos & look up the other stuff. Any time I commented or asked questions they were firing back answers! I have been full-on for only about a week when my program started 4 weeks ago...but I feel SO much better! I am now in the graduate group & can talk with others OR go back to my original group & look over info! I liked seeing how I was suppose to supplement electrolytes. I feel like that was my biggest hurdle of not doing anything previously. I was UNSURE! In this workshop I gained the understanding of what the heck I was suppose to be doing. I now get the on going support from Aimee/Melissa PLUS a whole group of graduates to share recipes or talk about this WOE (way of eating) that most DON’T understand! Thank you for your time & commitment to your program! I’m hoping to be one of those to come back & say I’ve met my goal!

-Melissa B.


Kickstarting Keto supplies guidance, knowledge, and understanding. I had so many questions starting and it was nice to get answers.

-Nohemi R.