what is our focus?

At Kickstarting Keto, our goal is to help you reach your goals through a well-formulated Ketogenic Diet. Our mission is for you to realize your potential and self-worth, in order for you to discover the path necessary for lasting change.

Melissa and I both started with just wanting to lose weight. We are both moms to 5 kids and have spent decades giving everything we have to our children. Somewhere along the way, we both realized that we were worth more. We felt stuck and miserable and that was no longer a life we wanted to live. It was no longer good enough.

We want you to realize that you, too, are worth more than you are giving yourself now.

Who can we help?

Our workshop is NOT for everyone. Our workshop is only for those of you who are serious about making a change in your life. Melissa and I have made drastic changes and continue to improve our lives, every day - we want people with the potential to do the same. If you're hoping to sign up, so that maybe you'll find the drive to maybe jump in, it will not be a good fit for you - we want dedication and commitment. We want people who are ready now.

We do our best to give each and every client the time and attention they need to grasp this lifestyle and be successful. We want people who are willing to speak up when they are not understanding, so that we can steer them in the right direction. We want a 100% success rate, but that is not a one-way street - YOU need to do your part and be able to ask for help if you need it.

Are you? 
- Motivated
- Eager to learn
- Ready for change
- Unwilling to entertain excuses
- Tired of feeling miserable
- Needing a lifeline

If so, we can help

What do we offer?

Our workshop is held in a Facebook Group, dedicated to your class only. Once created, the group is always there for you to access later, to review materials posted. Each class has one week of learning only. The following two weeks of class are dedicated to fine-tuning and trouble-shooting as you begin your Ketogenic journey. We also have topics of conversation each week that are designed to help you think more deeply about some things that may be stumbling blocks for you or that may be issues that arise, which tend to halt your progress.

We don't just want you to lose the weight - we want you to make changes that help you keep it off. We want you to love yourself and be happy with the body you live in.

The class we offer is (limited spots available):
- 3-Week Workshop - this workshop is for anyone, man or woman, with any amount of weight to lose
- 3-Week Workshop + menu plan (5 or 10-day plans) - this workshop is for anyone, man or woman, with any amount of weight to lose, with the added aid of a customized menu plan designed with you and your dietary needs in mind.

After the class is over:
When workshop ends, we invite you to join our Kickstarting Keto Graduate group. It is a group that offers support, encouragement, motivation, and community. Everyone in that group has been through one of our workshops, so everyone has the same foundation. There is no cost for Grad Group.

Other Graduate Services:
- Accountability Group - in this group, we create an environment free from temptation and cheat meals. It is aimed to give you the accountability that you may need to stay on track. We ask for daily macro check-ins, weekly spreadsheet submission (through email), and weekly discussions. This service does have a small monthly fee.